Make SEO Your Friend

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever evolving field. SEO is a way to write content that let’s it get noticed by the search engines. But as search engines adapt their algorithms to provide more value to their users, website writers have to adapt their tactics as well.

It’s become so complicated and difficult to keep up that many business owners skip using SEO altogether. They instead focus on creating a steady stream of content. While this is good and very necessary to develop a steady flow of quality content, using SEO will always help boost your online ranking.

Here are some tips to help you get better rankings and use SEO techniques better.

Use Images in Your Posts and Article Content

We’re a visually driven species that is attracted to content that contains visual interest. You may want to split test the results of a blog post with and without an image. Chances are you’ll find that the post that contains an image or two is more often shared with others. Your analytics may also demonstrate that people click through to articles with images more often and that they spend more time on your site.

Additionally, you can tag your images and add metadata which can boost your SEO as well. So in addition to more people linking to your content and sharing it with others you’ll also be able to embrace tagging.

Add Social Media Buttons

Search engines integrate social media content into their results. They also look to social media for clues about the quality and relevance of content. By adding share and like buttons to each and every post or published piece of content, you increase your options. Visitors can then like or share your content which increases your search engine optimization. It also boosts exposure and helps you reach a wider audience.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Most people no longer just use short keyword phrases during their searches, but are using more long-tailed keywords. For example instead of searching for “confidence habits,” people are using long phrases like “how to be a more confident successful entrepreneur.” By tapping into these long tail SEO keyword phrases you’ll face less competition and a higher page ranking. In fact, don’t be surprised to find your page at the top of the rankings for your long tail focused content.

So don’t believe it when you hear SEO is dead. Instead, it’s evolving to use a larger variety of keywords. You make need a bit more patience and a strategy that embraces this new format. It will be worth it as you focus on consistently producing relevant and valuable content for your audience. And remember to optimize for social media, add images, and research long tail phrases.

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