Fast Cash Service Business Ideas – 1-5

There are basically two ways to make money. Sell services or sell products.

Services are often easier to profit from because they cab generate fast cash with low overhead needed to create and deliver them. Starting with services, you can focus on something that you have to offer and do a fast launch to start making money.

The next few posts will give you service business ideas to consider. Here are the first five ideas to consider if you need to make money fast:

  1. Coaching – The areas for coaching services is limited only by your imagination. Business, executives, health, coaching are pretty obvious. But you can develop a coaching service business in any topic others want assistance in or want to learn about from photography, cooking, home care and more.
  2. Consulting – Consultants differ from coaching because they actually deliver solutions to problems where coaches do not. If you have expertise in certain areas, consider consulting.
  3. Content writing – Fresh content is needed for the millions of blogs and websites online. If you can write a good article or blog post and have skill, knowledge or interest in a particular subject you can make money writing.
  4. Copywriting – Copywriting is a different type of writing. It involves convincing people to make a purchase or to take action. If you’re sales savvy and enjoy writing you can make great money writing sales copy for other businesses.
  5. Event Planning – Organizing events is a special skill needed by individuals and business. Event planners organize all types of events from weddings, fundraisers, community events and more.

These service ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally hundreds of services you can provide to earn money quickly and easily. Look for more soon.

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