Create Content That Win Clients

Boring content will not attract clients. Believe me, I read loads of blogs and write loads of content for the web. When it gets to the point where you’re not excited about your content, be assured that your readers feel the same way. Fresh exciting content that provides a benefit to readers is needed to keep readers coming back to your website.

First of all, provide real, useful information. Learn to use keywords and keyword phrases that attract readers. Look for new ways to format your content to hold interest. Just like a news writer, cover the important aspects of the five W’s and one H. these include Who, What, Where. When. Why and How.

By applying these five “W’s” and 1 “H” to each keyword and phrase you can brainstorm content from a fresh perspective. For example, if your keyword is “stevia,” you might consider who invented stevia into its various formats, what was the first time stevia was used, where is stevia from originally, when is the best time to use stevia, and why people should, or shouldn’t use stevia in their diet. When you think of it this way, you can see how this would help you create an abundance of different approaches to a seemingly boring topic.

Use a Question and Answer Format

Check out some of good question and answer sites to get ideas on how to use this format. One of these is Yahoo answers. This site that allows people to post a wide variety of questions that are answered by experts or people who just want to be helpful. Use this type of site to brainstorm interesting content topics. For example, someone might ask:

“How many different uses there are for agave nectar instead of stevia?” (Could it be I’m writing while hungry?)

“Is agave nectar better for blood sugar than honey?”

“What’s the difference between stevia and agave nectar?”

These are the type of questions you might find on the site. You might also look to social media to explore the many questions people have on your keywords or niche topic.

How to Brainstorm By Yourself

It’s rather amusing that I’ve brought up the idea of brainstorming. That’s because I always use the saying “It’s hard to brainstorm alone.” ‘There are actually a myriad of brainstorming techniques that creative writers often use to help get new ideas when working alone. You might use a random word generation tool or visual cues to help you think outside of the box. For example, you might open a magazine, see what’s on the page and use that as a part of your article. You open it and there’s a pair of sunglasses which leads to the following “what do sunglasses and stevia have in common?”

Hopefully you got a few ideas of how to approach content topic from a new perspective. Use questions, brainstorming techniques and the five W’s and one H to help you think more creatively and write more interesting content.


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