Did You Do Money-Making Activities Today?

Getting home this evening after 6 p.m. I stopped to reflect on how many money-making activities I had done today. The answer is probably why I’m working late tonight. Today was a day of volunteer work. Nothing wrong with that. I find volunteering for worthy causes has its own unique rewards. But one activity led to the next, then the next. Soon the working day was primarily over, so it’s own to night work again.

I strongly believe any professional entrepreneur needs to be able to account for some activity that took their cash flow in a positive direction, each and everyday. You wouldn’t have to work all day doing this; just be able to show that you did something towards cash flow.

That could have been creating a new product or service to sell. Or it could have been implementing a new marketing concept that gets your product or service in front of the right market. Perhaps you wrote a new blog post that was SEO focused or looked for a joint venture partner to help promote you to a broader audience.

The specific activity isn’t what matters, it’s that you took a step in the right direction. If you can’t account for a money-making activity today, start adding up how may days go by like that, not doing something to further your money-making goal. Having many of these days will add up to a month that doesn’t reach up to your financial goals. The point is, make yourself accountable to do something significant to move towards bringing in cash every workday. That adds up to success.

So write at least one blog post before turning in for the night – okay? Just to be accountable, I’m working on a new ebook.

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