Confidence to Never Give Up

I know how discouraging it can be not to get any response on your website. You know what I mean. You set up the mailing sign up area. You have your nice give away that’s designed to inspire curiosity and a sign up to the mailing list. You write you blog …

Confident Entrepreneurial Persistence

Whether you’ve been in business for two days or for ten years there’s one common denominator, being an entrepreneur is hard work. It requires patience, perseverance, and persistence. Let’s face it, sometimes the desire to persevere can wane. You might lose your momentum and your business mojo from time to …

Market Your Business with Interesting and Valuable Content

Marketing your business on the Internet is becoming more competitive than ever. That means you need to be sure your content strategy has clear and specific goals. It’s necessary to drive traffic, build awareness, boost authority and more. In order to accomplish any of those goals your content needs to be value driven and fresh. However, it can be difficult to consistently create valuable and interesting content ideas.

Make Your Slide Shows Exciting

Slide shows are an increasingly popular means of sharing valuable content throughout the Internet. It’s being predicted that may be one of the fastest growing sharing sites in 2014. Being able to create exciting and effective slide shows is a necessity for serious, confident business women.

The “Likeability” Factor

I used to teach business ethics. One important concept my students learned was that of “likeability.” It deals with human nature. Likeability deals with the fact that when you like someone, no matter what they do, there’s a high probability that you agree with whatever that person does.

Make SEO Your Friend

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever evolving field. SEO is a way to write content that let’s it get noticed by the search engines. But as search engines adapt their algorithms to provide more value to their users, website writers have to adapt their tactics as well to better utilize SEO techniques.

Create Content That Win Clients

Boring content will not attract clients. When it gets to the point where you’re not excited about your content, be assured that your readers feel the same way. Fresh exciting content that provides a benefit to readers is needed to keep readers coming back to your website.

Business Plan: Essential Tool for Confident Success

The first tool any business person needs to create a confident, successful business is a plan for their success. In business, this is called your business plan. A business plan serves as a guide to the direction you want to go in your business. It lets you think through your goals as well as how you will operate the business on a daily basis.